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A Hip Hop artist who doesn't follow the typical industry blueprint. One that has done everything on his own, from Local shows, National Tours to 3 Full Length Studio Albums. This Canadian artist has done it All and without the help of crews, cliques or industry insiders. No booking agents, no management, to Daily this just means no labels.

Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz, Electronica, Rock, Daily has experimented with them all. Building unique pieces of musical art, where the album becomes his canvas. Using all the genres in a kaleidoscope of conception. To tell the stories of his own struggles from beginning to end. An artist that believes in the conception album, in the same vain as The Beatles Sargent Pepper Lonely Heart Club Band or even Pink Floyd's The Wall. Daily believes in interconnected story in which the lister visualizes what they hear, in a theatrical experience from start to finish. There is the Hip Hip, Rap and Club Jams you'd expect to hear from a Hip Hop artist, but all with Daily's own unique spin and vision which he brings to each song. Daily isn't trying to be the next Jay Z, Two Chains or Tupac. Daily is trying to be Daily, an independent artist that produces concept albums in which the listener is encouraged visualize the music and interpret into their own stories based around the life of Daily..

No Crews, No Labels, No Ass Kissing, just one man unique interruption of the way Hip Hop music should be produced, conceptualized and presented.

Welcome to Down With Daily...


"The fact is, that I never should of been able to hear, speak, read or write let alone perform. So to write and record albums, tour and make a life as a performer onstage is a miracle. One I am thankful for every chance I get to perform…"

Daily's story starts a little different from most performing artists, as Daily was born deaf…

Like many independent hip hop artists, Daily comes from a simple working class home. Daily was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada. Unlike other performing artists however, Daily was born without the ability to hear.  It was close to the age of three, before Daily had gained the ability to hear with the help of surgical implants. Daily was given the gift of sound, but still had to learn how to interpret it. This is because Daily had suffered a stunted speech growth in his early childhood, due to his hearing impairment. As such, Daily began years of speech therapy and with the help of the therapy and years of practice he was finally able to hear and speak. At this time however, it was discovered that Daily was also Dyslexic. So the kid who finally learned to hear and speak, now had to learn how to read and write. Once again Daily began practicing and started therapy to help his with reading, writing and comprehension of both.

It wasn't until years later. When Daily was almost eighteen years of age, that he had found out the skills he had learned may have had a different application than expected. Daily was walking down the street with friends, when one of them began freestyling. Going down the line everybody spit a verse till finally it came Daily's turn. Everyone waited, as Daily at the time was unlike he is today, at the time he was more quiet and laid back. To everyones amazement Daily took off with verbal punch lines from different aspects of everybody's lives. Stunned, everyone let him go until Daily stopped, only to be met with cheering and laughing friends. At the time nothing was thought of it, but Daily's journey into sound had officially begun.

DAILY live

  • Aug 27, 11:00 - 12:00pm Into the Music
  • Aug 27, 12:00 - 1:00pm Music Trader
  • Aug 27, 1:00 - 2:00pm Wild Planet Music
  • Aug 27, 2:00 - 3:00pm Portage Place Shopping Ctr Main Stage (with DJ Stop)
  • Aug 27, 10:30pm The Cavern opening for The Bike Thief (Cover Required Performance)
  • Sep 06 - Kenora, ON - the Shooters Bar
  • Sep 11 - Thunderbay, ON - the Foundry
  • Sep 12 - Sault Ste. Marie - Algonquin hotel
  • Sep 17 - Toronto, ON - Imperial Pub
  • Sep 17 - Northbay, ON - Blurr Nightclub

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